Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is humor?

Humor is an ART.
It begins where a huge pessimism ends.
If you are an optimist you can be fun, you can be entertaining, you can be a joy, but you can never have humor.
Humor is smiling with humid eyes.
Humor is seeing the limit of the bottom.

This post was inspired by James Kunstler who inspired so many of my posts.
He is, as he says: " I have gotten s0 many complaints about the trolls, morons, and losers who have infested the comment zone of this blog, that I am going to suspend posting".
I probably was one among them.
I just couldn't resist commenting. But a comment IS NOT responsible for the person or the post who provokes it.

I am going to miss that kind of humor and will HAVE TO find a new MUSE.
I will put a new link on my favorites and stop there to get inspiration.
The show must go on...mustn't it?

PS I will let the old link there and go back once in a while, in the hope you change your mind, MR. Kunstler.
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