Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Choices - The Real Thing

From Choices - The Real Thing
Answering a question: "Love or fear - which do we choose?"

Do we really have choices?
I would say we don't.
I would say you forget hate.
I would say the choice is not loving or hating.
The choice should be living or not.
But we cannot choose.
We are bound to live.
My grandfather in the last days of his life told me: I would like to die, I do not want to live, but I cannot just die.
Every cell of my body wants to live, to go on.
That is what we are.
Beings condemned to live, either we like our life or we don't.
If we like it, we are more willing to love, to share our optimism, our joy of living with others.
If we do not like our life, if we are obliged to live a life we hate, we are more willing to hate the others.
Love exists because hate exists.
If we all loved, then it would be a common feeling.
Fear exists, because we know we'll die.
We do not want to think about it, we do not like to talk about it, and when we are young we fear less, because we see death as something far away.
That is why when you are twenty you under evaluate danger.
You go fast, you do not care about health and so on.
But when the time comes closer (the time to die) then you over evaluate danger.
You do not like speed, you are careful about your health and so on.
Free will doesn't exist.
Free will is choosing among red or black.
We are here, and here to stay.
Either we love it or fear it.
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