Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thuggo and Sluggo

"The fashion and body language of male youth in 2007 comes from three sources: prison, the nursery, and the pimpmobile. It's an old story now that many conventions of gangster fashion come out of the jail experience, where they take away your belt and shoelaces so you won't hang yourself. Apparently, at some point in US history, they stopped giving the belts and shoelaces back on release, and it became stylish to wear your trousers falling down below the top of your underpants (or butt crack as the case may be). Jail being a kind of accreditation device these days, the message may be: I passed the entrance exam."

James Kunstler

"please remember the insanely stupid clothes worn by many of us young males during "flower power" and disco days. I cringe with embarrassment when I recall."
And the hair? And the beards?
Every generation has something peculiar to be proud of.
So nice when you are stupid enough to wear the things just a stupid could and still be proud of it!
I honestly miss it, I hate being aware that fashion is but a silly part of life, that wearing a pair of stiletto shoes with a long point is more a pain than a pleasure to show, I hate forgetting that a a pair of pants can be so tight that you need to lay on a bed to close the zipper.
Those were our times and they are gone.
Lucky the ones who can still believe that a tattoo can make them looking more glamorous or that a pair of inflated lips can make them looking more sexy.
Being old is also that: realizing that life is so short to be nothing.
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