Friday, July 13, 2007

Technologies are not responsible for the people who invent them

"In other words, a piece of technology will not spontaneously or independently start delivering value, generating benefits, and doing precisely what its deployers want it to do. Technologies have to be managed in order to do any of these things; they're not magic bullets or miracle cures."

No invention alone changed the world unless there was somebody who understood how to use it and how to use it for the best.
I guess the disruptive power of fire was recognized long before somebody thought how to use it.
And very often you plan a technology for a certain use and most likely it will be succesful for another one.
An idea is not responsible for what people do with it, but exchanging of ideas create new ideas and new ideas make the progress.
If progress is a good thing or not it doesn't matter, what matters is that man is on this earth to do something, to discover something, to live and not only to survive.
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