Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I do not want your advice, thanks...

What do I usually do when I am out of ideas and want to write a post?
I generally read what the others write and suddenly my mind gets crowded with new ideas and a dialogue begins with the writer.
Sometimes I write a comment, sometimes i write a post, sometimes I just think and talk in my mind, but I ALWAYS find something to say.
They call it communication, I just think it is a need, at least for me.
And of course the more stimulating and provocative is the article I read, the more I like it.
In this website of personalized news I found a well written and provocative article of Gene Weingarten "If You Want My Advice . . ." which is what somebody in his fifties would suggest to somebody in his twenties.
Well, I am 55 and happen to have a son who is 22, and I feel a little bit involved in it.
About music: yes, you are terribly right. One is locked to the music of his youth.
How nice and agreeable is "Our" music and how terribly closer to noise than to music looks the one my son loves! But my son doesn't need to get a job as jackhammer operator, his music is what he calls "industrial noise" and includes the sound of it...
About being sedentary.
That is something that comes in life, either we want it or not.
Call it job or call it laziness or just a slowing down.
As much as you are active when you are twenty, you get lazy when you reach fifty.
Unless you oblige yourself in the name of eternal youth, or eternal show of youth or pretence that years do not pass and you are always the same. Which is NEVER the case...
Regarding male physical pleasure I am not an expert, I cannot teach and give suggestions.
But I would tell my son that the idea that women are mainly interested in the size of the male organ is quite wrong.
Usually is the case of the size of the wallet, but if one is lucky he can meet somebody who is interested in sharing the search for happiness.
That is what I find lacking in the list.
The universal truth that happiness doesn't exist, but that everybody looks for it and the main difference between a fifty years old person and a twenty is that the young one has still many years to dream about it and the full hope to reach it, while reaching fifty is understanding that the years that are left are not enough and may be also if they were many more they would never be enough.

But, yes, this is something I'd better keep for myself.
When you are twenty you do not need to live as somebody who is fifty.
You have the right to do your own mistakes. That is the good of life. That you can have the best suggestions, but you still do what you like to...

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