Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Design your card and win an Apple MacBook

I think the best thing a parent can teach to his children is how to be responsible.
Especially when it comes to money.
That is why a card, designed to teach teens how to manage money, is not a bad idea.
And if it is also something that teaches to be creative like giving the option of uploading images and designing their own card is even better.
That is exactly what PAYjr Visa Buxx offers.
Of course it is a special credit card that is under parental control, that means parents can put a limit to the amount that can be spent.
But it is much better than cash, because it is safer and because parents can control where and how the money is spent( and decide to recharge it or not...)
Since it doesn't give gredit it also doesn't allow to make debits (which is the main concern).
Besides it also gives the opportunity to compete to win an Apple MacBook.
Teens just need to enter their card design and the best wins!
The second will get an Apple Video iPod.
There is even a prize for the third: an iPod Nano.

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