Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life without addiction: YOU CAN...

I guess one of the big tragedies for a parent is finding out that his son is addicted.
To any kind of drugs, including alcohol.
And there is no real recipe to avoid it, I guess many times it is a matter of luck.
I am a pharmacist and I can talk, because I directly knew many who were good parents and had good children, but for terrible circumstances experienced the tragedy of addiction.
And I can also affirm that there is no way out of it unless the psychological aspect is cared of.
You can spend all your money and time in and out of clinics where they can help you get rid of the physical addiction.
That is hard, but easy to reach.
The hardest part is the psychological addiction.
And that you can cure just in the appropriate Drug Treatment Centers
One of the best is Sunset Malibu which is a fully equipped residential alcohol rehab and drug treatment center located in Malibu with magnificent ocean views just outside the sunny confines of Los Angeles, California.
It is one of the most prestigious drug rehab centers in the country specializing in alcohol detox, substance abuse treatment, painkiller addiction treatment, and the treatment of disorders such as depression and eating disorders.
Their addiction treatment philosophy incorporates a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods utilizing the talents of the best practitioners in the world.
And a succesful addiction treatment really can give the life back not only to the addicted, but to his family and friends.
Because they treat the body as well as the mind, and this is the only way out of any kind of addiction.
Drug treatment that really works and lasts is drug treatment that gives you your life back: that saves you from yourself, and frees you from your Need. The discovery that there is a life without addiction and a much better one.
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