Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The goal of education

"The whole world is engulfed in a revolution, which requires us to think deeply how we prepare our children for the future.

You have to be prepared to be wrong to create new things, education and companies stigmatise failure, leading to hubris and stagnation.

Every education system around the world has the same hierarchy of education. Is this right? Yet intelligence is diverse and dynamic. Intelligence engages us totally and collectively.

Creativity can be defined as orginal ideas that have value, and it will combinations of interdisciplinary capabilites that allows us to reframe the world in a new way.

Sir Ken argues that today creativity is as important in education as literacy. It will be the leaps of the human imagination that will build tomorrows companies and economies. Our only hope for the future is to redefine human ecology and rethink how we educate our children."

What should really do education?

The main and important goal of education is making a child "think".
I wrote on the heading of my blog "think and you'll have the problem of disposal of ideas".
Well education should be just this.
Creating the problem of disposal of ideas.
And teaching how to dispose of all the ideas the student has.

The second goald should be to teach not to be afraid to be critical.
"Critical thinking means being able to evaluate evidence, to tell fact from opinion, to see holes in an argument, to tell whether cause and effect has been established and to spot illogic."

And critical thinking helps to use good ideas and discharge the bad ones.
And that is all.
All the rest will come by itself.
Ideas generate new ideas and new ideas a new curiosity for what is around us, and new curiosity will generate new ideas and so on...
And this is what man was made for, living and progressing.
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