Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What will the Future be?

TV or Internet?
It is quite easy to forecast.
Neither of the two, at least the way they are.
TV will be interactive and become something closer to the Internet and the Internet will look more and more like a TV.
Because people like both and money is made pleasing people.
So we will have videos, because if an image is worth 1k words, a video is worth 1 billion.
TV made us lazy and we are what we see, and we like what we can understand.
What is easier to understand than a video?

And content, what kind of content?
Content will be what people like, because money is made pleasing people, and what do people like?
Some kind of big brother.
A virtual life in which they can live.
So, video, realistic videos, interactive videos.
Something you not only can predict, like the actual TV, but something you can direct.
People will be consumers AND directors.
The TV of tomorrow is going to be something in which the soap has real people in it.
Real people who look like they would like to look and do things they would like to do.
Everybody will be able to live in a Castle, enjoy summer in Winter, eat and drink exotic food, or whatever they feel like they have to.
May be swimming in a virtual pool, playing virtual games and so on.
And when everybody will be able to live the life he wants (at least virtually) we will miss the old times in which we could just dream and imagine and want and desire and live a plain, normal, everyday life...

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