Thursday, August 13, 2009

The dangerous temptations of a cute dress...

When I was pregnant (some time ago) one of the bad side of it was that I felt horrible in maternity clothes.
Now there is such a good and nice selection that it would be worth to have a baby just to wear one of them...
Of course I am joking, it takes more than just that, but this provocative statement proves how much I envy today’s mommies.
Not only they are young and beautiful and have so nice and healthy babies, but they can access the biggest selection of clothes just with a few clicks of the mouse.
Biggest selection means also big competition and big competition means very low prices.
In my times you usually had two clothes and wore them till the end, hoping the weather didn’t change so much, because they were kind of expensive and besides, they looked all the same, so why bother spending money?
Now the more you buy, the more you save, and of course that is a wonderful excuse to fill your wardrobe with nice things...
Who says that a young mother doesn’t need to look smart and attractive?
Many a stars love to show themselves with a big tummy, which adds to a woman a certain glamour.
I remember I never had such a wonderful skin and glamorous look as when I was pregnant...
I know, as a feminist I shouldn’t say it, but being a mother is feeling better than just being a woman...
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