Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dreaming of a "new bedroom"

I think I have reached an age in which if I decide to remodel something that something is my home.
I have given up remodeling myself, just looking around at the women of my age with new noses, new chins and terrible new lips.
But how refreshing and satisfying sitting in a brand new living room and working in a brand new kitchen, or "sleeping" in a brand new, comforting, inspiring bedroom!
One of the things I always envied to the Americans is how most of them can make a house looking like a real home, that means a place where you like to live.
I guess their main secret is that they can find for example the best Bedroom Furniture at affordable prices.
That means they can change the look as many times as they fancy.
Today in blue, with a classy metal bed, tomorrow designer style, with a sophisticated leather bed (may be black).
They get up in the morning, decide the look of the bedroom is no more what they like, switch on their computer and Voila´ the next few days they have a complete new Bedroom Set.
Besides having great prices, they also have discounts and free shipping.
No wonder their homes are so glamorous!
As for me...I like to look at those websites and dream what I would order if furniture was not so heavy and could be shipped over the Ocean.
Every day a new room...
It is true, dreaming costs nothing, but when you open your eyes (and switch off your computer) your house is still the same...
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