Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sexy for one night

What about looking sexy at Halloween?
Show yourself sexy to the One you love.
For one night.
One magical night.
Any woman who is lucky enough to know will tell you: Nothing is more exciting than showing yourself sexy to the man you love and having him talk sexy to you.
The right words at the right time can start a fire burning inside of you that feels like it will never go out. It can make you breathless. Insatiable. Unstoppable. And it can do the same thing for your man...
What if you can do it, with the little help of discount sexy costumes?
The attraction of dating is that you don’t take yes for granted—you’re fully engaged, there’s seductiveness, tension.
In marriage, people don’t feel the need to seduce or to build anticipation—that’s an effort they think they no longer need to do now that they have conquered their partner. If they’re in the mood, their partner should be too.
There is nothing more wrong than that.
The proof of it is the number of divorces growing every year.
So, why not trying?
It doesn’t take much and it can even be fun.
Thinking, deciding, choosing.
May be seeing in the mirror a totally different woman.
You can choose among a good selection of sexy costumes to be what you like.
May be Heidi, or a Pirate, or Sexy Berry Cute.
Whatever...and believe me, this will be an unforgettable Halloween...
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