Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Death, or what came soon before it, was a bunch of yellow flowers

It looks like I succeeded in putting a milestone on my way to dumbness.
I began saying it was almost impossible to out-dumb what already was online.
Somebody said I successfully out-dumbed everybody with my "About death" post.

I wrote it, as usual, more for myself than for any reader.
It is like if you see something written it looks more real than just in your brain.

Death is a subject that often comes into my mind, especially in the night.
That is the moment in which everything looks so terribly enormous and scaring.
Talking about it, helps to make it more "natural" and more "acceptable" as if it could.
I know that there is no religion, no faith that definitely can help you to die, but there is the rational idea that everything has to finish sooner or later and as much late as that later will be it will certainly be too soon.
For me, the thought that something so unpleasant will, at least, not last too long, makes it a little bit less unacceptable.
I certainly wouldn’t considering dying something so dumb as to allow me to out dumb everybody.
As for my personal point of view.
I faced death when I was something like five or close to it.
I jumped ( I fell) in a small river while playing with paper boats with my brother and my cousin.
The only thing I remember, and I still remember it after so many years, was seeing a lot of yellow flowers.
The next thing was waking up in my own bed.
My cousin had saved me pulling me out of the water.
Death, or what came soon before it, was a bunch of yellow flowers.
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