Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My business is contacting people and proposing my products, all the rest is JUST technology...

Small is beautiful and small business means tomorrow’s world.
There is a fresh newly designed website at AT&T Small Business InSite, which is focused on small businesses.
Electronics will lead to a much smaller and less expensive establishment.
The value in today’s economy is principally knowledge and information, and it becomes more and more important the WAY knowledge and information are reached.
The human knowledge base will be measured in bytes stored in databases, offered on the Internet, exchanged and compared.
The new technologies are going to allow people to spread out, and people will be able to live anywhere they want, without sacrificing efficiency.
That is what AT&Tunderstood, and with it, the importance of being connected everywhere and in every moment.
At AT§TSmall Business insite they welcome you as a potential customer and as a probable "partner" if you decide to participate to the new contest: they are giving a Small Biz Tech Makeover to one lucky prize winner.
What will you actually win?
•Exciting new AT&T products & services
•Consulting from a leading technology expert
•Windows® Small Business Server 2008 Standard
What should you do?
Very easy.
You must explain what kind of technology upgrade would your business need to boost your bottom line.
AT&T Small Business InSite will give you a hand. Tell them why your small business needs a technology makeover and you could win!
That shouldn’t really be difficult.
How many times a day you face situations and problems that could be solved with a little bit of help from some new technology?
May be something that is already there and you do not know.
You can meet an expert like Mario Armstrong, that is able to translate technology for non-tech audiences.
How would you like to be able to say: my business is contacting people and proposing my products, all the rest is JUST technology...

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