Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Who profits?

Who profits more from spamming, phishing, viruses producers?
Once, when a murder was committed a good investigator had to "cherche´la femme", because in every crime there was supposed to be a woman in the background, or an inheritance, or a life insurance.
There was for sure something more materialistic than passion to push the criminal to commit crimes.
"Lured by bad math and get-rich-quick pipe dreams into a life of cybercrime, those phishing for dollars confront a problem not unlike that faced by traditional anglers: too few fish in the sea. "
Phishing doesn't pay very well and tends to attract low-skill hackers who themselves become victims.
Part of the blame for this sorry state of affairs can be laid at the feet of exaggerated phishing loss estimates. "We estimate that recent public estimates over-estimate phishing losses by as much as a factor of fifty," the paper explains.

Who profits from it?
Because people who are supposed to make esteems are also supposed to know what they are doing.
I mean, if they asked me, I would wonder, because I seldom click on what I do not know, and before clicking on what I know, I always try to know better.
I very often ask myself if there is still a stupid out there who believes that there are millions available at a click of a mouse.
When I make a statistic I always think "Am I to be considered as an average consumer of this?".
And if the answer is yes, well, I simply assume that it is going to be almost 80%.
I am not an easy victim of phishing and I am not so available when it comes to risk my money.
In a few words, with me, they do not make much...
And if it is so, why do they still do?
Or may be they don’t but somebody says they do...
So that you and me need protection...
What is it, spending a few bucks for a good antivirus could let you sleep better...
Protect yourself and your property...
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