Monday, August 31, 2009

Silicon Valley’s worst nightmare

The decline U.S. grad school admissions for would-be international students was 3% on average.
Some people have blithely dismissed growth in markets like China and India saying Silicon Valley will always be the hub for tech; that everyone will come to us.
Wake up: Because the numbers are showing money and talent is increasingly going elsewhere.
Us is loosing in technology innovation because the bulk of American dream and American spirit of innovation was built by people who came to America from somewhere else, not people born American.
What created Silicon Valley was a culture of openness and there is no future to Silicon Valley without it.
This is a huge blow for the United States, and particularly Silicon Valley.
It’s killing diversity in graduate schools at a time future business leaders most need to understand other countries, especially Asian ones.
Xenophobic, anonymous cowards may leave as much bile in the comments as they want: The reality is one out of every four tech companies is started by an immigrant. In the tech industry, immigrants have created more high paying jobs than they’ve “stolen.”
Much of the world’s economic growth—hence, jobs—is in emerging markets, the schools are far cheaper and in many cases competitive academically.

Liberally taken from Vijay Gill
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