Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to work less and get more

Google is a great search engine, and I use it all the time. I couldn't do my many jobs without Google, so I've spent some time learning how to maximize its value, how to find exactly what I want, how to plumb its depths to find just the right nugget of information that I need.
In the same way that Google can be used for searching it can also be used to be found by millions of surfers like me.
Google's not the only game in town - but it is certainly the biggest, the most widely-used, and in many ways the easiest to use.
So what did I find out to be most important to achieve great placement on Google?
Besides all the tricks that work and do not work, like links and so on, one of the most important feature is to have content and if possible good content.
But how to create good content without being a good writer, or without having enough time to be a good writer?

There is a the writing software that can create a lot of unique articles which can draw more and more traffic to your website.
But not just creating, even instantly sending them to dozens of Article directories.
That means working less to get more.
Isn’t that what everybody dreams?
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