Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Net Neutrality

Since they were talking of dumb pipes and intelligent ends and freedom and independence I had my doubts.
How can you build a free world on somebody else’s land?
I mean, the Internet is free, must be free, but it is dangerously attacked.
The content is what you own, all the rest is leased to this or that Telco and it really doesn't matter if it is a monopoly or duopoly or manypoly.
Well, if there are many it is easier that the winner could be the customer, because of the competition.
But that is not the certainty.
Whenever the owner of the bandwidth decides, that is the right moment, the content owner is still owner of it, but it is like if you own the furniture and the house belongs to somebdy else...
And the solution cannot be the State, for the same reasons, or for one reason more, it would be a monopoly, but a monopoly that won't work...

Why not letting the customers buying their own piece of infrastructure?
Like owning their own home.
I put the furniture in my own property, so I will put my content in my own pipes.
This could be the solution.
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