Thursday, August 06, 2009

When duty can become a pleasure

"Life's heaviest burden is to have nothing to carry"

And how to make something which you consider a burden into something you consider a pleasure?
Eating is not only necessary, but can be a source of great pleasure. The same is true for cooking.
Doing it in the normal, usual, everyday way can very often become a bore, but think for a moment what kind of pleasure could be in August doing it in brand new outdoor kitchens...
May be with built in grills.
Just thinking of the smell of steaks broiling on the grill, tomatoes slowly cooking close to them, and may be some lamb or pig chops...I feel the call of the hidden cook that is in me.
I have the same feeling just looking at those wonderful BBq grill islands, where you have everything you need and even more, where you do not need to know how to cook, not even how to light a fire.
You just have to know where the meat should be and may be how long you should leave it there...
With a well equipped outdoor kitchen not only cooking is a pleasure, it is even so easy and fast.
You have all the time to entertain your guests and enjoy the evening with them.
That is the main reason I like cooking and eating outside: you actually can talk and enjoy your company and in the meantime cook the best meal you can dream of.
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