Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Mistery of the oil price

"You can't believe anyone who says he or she knows where energy prices are going to be tomorrow let alone next week or next year. They could even crash below historic lows in the case of a worldwide recession, an epidemic, or certain wars – or technical breakthroughs. They could move much higher than they are now.

I'm sure people are making money in oil speculation. I'm just as sure some speculators are losing their shirts – just as I'm sure there are winners and losers in Las Vegas. I'm sure the chaos creates cover for illegal and immoral acts. My guess is that the speculation sometimes dampens the price swings and sometimes exacerbates them and can lead to bubbles – certainly – but can't create long term trends." Tom Evslin

Everything must change so that everything is always the same...
There is nothing static or unchangeable on this world, as you say every change can bring profits or losses, it depends on which side you are.
The terrible thing is that on the right side there is always the same bunch...
And what puzzles me is the fact that the price of oil follows the dollar and for a higher cost of oil we have a lower cost of dollar...nevertheless in Europe, in spite of the strong euro and the weak dollar, in spite of the fact that if you pay in dollar the cost should be the same or almost, the price of energy is getting everyday higher.
Of course the Mistery is an open secret: Governments are sucking people with a new excuse every day, and the cost of oil is a good one...
But if you think that the cost of gasoline is 75% taxes, you would understand that the big profiters of this situation are the States.
And the States, the Governments should be the citizens, as the word Democracy says (Demos= people Crazia= power)so, what damn went wrong?
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