Monday, August 31, 2009

The black holes

Black holes were something that always fascinated me.
As everything that I cannot understand, this theory of something that sucks you and you just disappear thrilled and scared me in the same time.
But looking at today world I think I begin to understand what a black hole could be. When there is no justice, anything goes.
Nothing is valid anymore, no rules, no rights (of course no duties).
The peak of the pyramid cannot hold and there is a huge vacuum that absorbs everything and brings it nowhere.

Desolation and turmoil is everywhere (or will be soon).
Soon people will be fed up of pretending to be paid and will begin to pretend to work.
The problem is that products are unable to pretend, either they are produced or they are not.
If you cannot pretend to produce you cannot pretend to be paid.
Better, you will produce fake products in exchange of fake money.
But fake money smells and cannot buy what it used to.
And there is even a greater disaster in not accepting fake money: stopping to produce fake goods.
This will produce a huge number of real unemployed, who have a real stomach, who needs real food, which cannot be bought with fake money.
In Greece they already began to see the point. (Greece is a very old civilisation and they have the fame to usually arrive first).
Others will follow.
Knowledge is something spreads more easily than goods.

There is a widespread nostalgia for what we were.
There are the most extravagant and nice recipes for a new future.
Some like to linger in dreams about a new Rural America where people grow their food in organic ways and use the wind and the sun.
(but they do not talk about the Internet and mobile phones, are they included or just forgotten?)

The future is in this or in that...

The future is in OURSELVES.
When we understand this little word, we understand what lies back and what lies ahead of us.
It is in OURSELVES and not in the OTHERS.
We begin doing what we have to and the others will follow.
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