Sunday, June 03, 2007

Are you a "almost dummy" blogger with the aim to get much better?

If you are one among us majority, this website is tailored for you (and me):

Synergy Shared Link Service

What do you find there?
They have made a script for generating social networking links from any site.
Do you remember? All those links you saw in other people's blogs and you would have liked to copy, not knowing how.
Well, NOW you know how.
And it is simpler than you think.
Just follow very easy instructions and you'll be able to integrate it in your website.
They will come out with two alternatives.
I choose both, just to avoid mistakes, but you can limit to one.

The link options are really unlimited.
You can send email, blogmarks, Comments, Feedmedlinks, live favorites, Blogmemes, buddymarks, give a link and all you can dream of...(just have a look.
But this is not all.
You can find also Freeware and Open Source , Microsoft Window's Security test (very trendy right now), Very simple guides to do things you always dreamed doing and were not able to, Reviews , Code and Downloads Recommended RSS Feed List .
And of course, everything is FREE!
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