Friday, June 08, 2007

The war against Spyware

Very often the price of free software is the installation of spyware.
It happened to me while trying to test a free software to build web pages without knowing HTML.
As soon as I installed it I noticed something strange: it immediately connected to the Internet.
I agreed at the license agreement and the installation went on.
Then I had a screen requesting personal data.
After a while they told that as a part of helping to build a great website they were collecting basic usage information’s and their usage would be just for statistical analysis.
"However use of our products is governed by the policies put in place by the partners that offer them."
The installation software lets you continue even if you don't enter any information in the support registration screen, BUT the information is still linked to your IP, hence the very small point.
The software certainly seems capable of lending itself to abuse by third parties who provide their software.
With every installation security is compromised and what else I could do except to continue to read those entertaining licensing agreements, privacy policies, and remember that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch?
There is something: I could use:
Spy Sweeper, the most award-winning antispyware software.
Because Spyware grows more sophisticated every day and can infect your system in many different ways when you use the Internet.
SpySweeper gives you 100% protection, they bloc any kind of spyware infection even before it reaches your computer.(later could be too late)
So, finally gone the hours and days wasted in fixing and reshaping your computer.
If I think that most of the times I want to really get rid of a annoying spyware I have to reinstall my own OS, I think that the $19.95 are the best $19.95 I ever spent!

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