Monday, June 25, 2007

Michelangelo's frescoes with a PC

Yes, we got it!
And I guess Michelangelo WOULD BE very proud, very proud indeed, to be on my house's walls.
It looks stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, and we are just in the beginning!
I guess we are the FIRSTS to be able to reproduce on a 36 square meter wall Michelangelo's Flood and on other bigger walls Michelangelo's Adam and God.

Or do you prefer Adam and Eve?
It is a pity, I can just put small sizes on this Blog, it would be amazing to have the full size!!!

PS. Hope Michelangelo won't turn in his grave.
His tree was cut, but my wall needed a full one, so I made it, Michelangelo's style (as well as my skills allowed me)
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