Sunday, June 10, 2007

The magic of a garden

I didn't care one bit for flowers until I went to live in London.
There I inherited a badly kept garden in a well kept gardens neighborhood.
I felt ashamed and sorry for it and began doing something to make it looking better.
It didn't take much, at least much less than what I thought.
I began being fond of it, and the fonder I got, the better it looked.
I had to leave it after three years, but I didn't loose the passion for flowers and gardens.
I have a huge garden now, and it takes more to care for a garden in Italy.
The weather is not so congenial to flowers as it is in England, but a garden is ALWAYS rewarding.
I would say it is the only thing you can be sure will compensate your efforts, even more than what you expect.
If you love your flowers and your plants, they will love you back.
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