Thursday, June 07, 2007

Be simple, be clear, be interesting, be honest

"One of the most important, if not bitter discoveries for journalists over the past decade has been that they do not operate in the ivory tower of intellectual pursuit but are subject to the laws and mechanisms of the market."
To be paid you must be successful and to be successful you must be popular, and to be popular you must say the things people want to read, just as you must show things people want to see, you must write songs people want to listen to, you must make movies people like to watch and so on...
That is where the great journalism and the great journalist comes into the picture.
To be able to say the truth in the way people are interested in reading it.
It is POSSIBLE, how many times we found out that a subject we expected to be boring, was, on the contrary a most interesting one?
Because it was told and explained in words we understood and liked.
Be simple, be clear, be interesting, be honest.
That will bring you on the top.
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