Saturday, June 02, 2007

Directly contacted, indirectly charged.

PPP direct is the new, direct way to be sponsored and paid to blog.

It works this way:

"simply drop the appropriate HTML snippet into your blog template. Advertisers that come across your blog and love what you do can then click on the image in your blog and create an opportunity just for you."

Since long they are talking about the Internet destroying the role and figure of the "middlemen".
People can DIRECTLY contact the customers and avoid useless charges.
But Ted Murphy, the genius of the new kind of Internet Advertising, knows better.
He knows the way to let people directly contact the customers and STILL needing the middlemen.
Companies can directly sponsor blogs and bloggers they like and approve.

"We believe PayPerPost Direct is a great addition to the marketplace and is going to generate a wealth of fantastic high quality content out there, so why not get started today. "
In other words: we believe that the future is an advertiser directly contacting the marketing guy, so we'd better think before.
This is strategy and good forecast.
Besides, it is not a new model on the paid blogging advertisement, but it is undoubtely the cheaper.
10% charges (of which 5% are expenses), instead of 30% and more of other companies.
I do not know if you are a real genius, but I think money invested on you is well invested money, Ted.

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