Thursday, June 07, 2007

Drawing made easy

This is addressed to parents who ADORE to keep their children busy with interesting tasks.
In my times we provided our children with colored pencils and white paper, so that we could have at least a few hours for ourselves, working or doing the things we liked, while our children were busy.
Now with the Internet everything has got much easier.
Instead of paper you can use a computer screen and a mouse replaces colored pencils.
Of course you do not need to teach children how to do, they know better than us.
In the Doll Palace you can find many Coloring Pages where your children can find a lot of simple drawings they can fill with colors.
You choose the image, then you pick the colors and click on the parts you want to fill. Easy, isn't it? And you do not even risk to overlap the borders.
When you are finished you can save your job (you need to register for that).
Or you can decide to use your own drawings and upload them on the website.
You (or your children)will be able to make your page interactive and share it with your children's friends.
You have a good selection to choose, from Anime, Cartoons to Animals, Nature,and many others.

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