Saturday, June 09, 2007

Children computer use

What educator or parent has not had to balance the pro and cons of computer use? Or, for that matter, TV use? Or involvement in sports that entail physical and emotional risk? "Too much of a good thing" applies in every area.
"Children glued to their computers interact less with other children." The fact is that many teachers wisely assign students to groups of two or three per computer. From what I have seen in my visits to classrooms, students arranged in this way interact in meaningful ways with other students more than they do when they toil in solitude with paper workbooks.
"Teachers sometimes abdicate responsibility to a computerized "baby sitter".
But time spent keeping order in a classroom is not educationally productive. When most of the students in a classroom are working with self-paced software, a teacher is freed to help students who need special attention, to plan the next lesson.

Brendan Kehoe
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