Monday, June 25, 2007

Heaven on Earth

I guess when you think about Paradise you dream nothing else than Hawaii.
Where else can you find a place where you can enjoy nature, the Ocean, the Wind, the Sun, the Rain Forest, the Birds, the wonderful weather 365 days a year?
Kailua ocean front condo rental is the right place to spend a vacation, also just a few relaxing days to recharge your life's batteries.
Do you want a two-bedroom apartment on the Ocean?
Where you can wake up at the sound of the waves against the wonderful sandy beach?
It is yours for the price of $407.
Which is nothing if you think you can sleep in six.
Dividing the sum by six you come to $67.3333...per person (I tried it on my computer's calculator).
You have the Ocean view, the Ocean sounds and even a pool if you prefer to swim in safer place.
Alternatively, you can lower the cost up to $226 for 1 Bedroom Condo Apartment, Ocean view, Pool, Oceanfront. (You can sleep in four, that makes on my calculator $56 per person).
But if you are looking for more details you can go to Hawaii Travel a blog with all the necessary information’s of what and how to plan you vacation to Hawaii, how to choose the best place and so on.
I was in Hawaii some years ago and the only thing that refrains me to go there tomorrow again is the 18 hours on a plane that I really hate.
But I am sure some day I will overcome it and visit Hawaii again.
There are to categories of people: the one that never saw Hawaii and the one who saw it.
If you belong to the second you will never forget how Heaven looks like and will always want to go back...
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