Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cybertimes for parental finance

To give or not to give?
And if yes, how much?
Children are very often seen as suckers of the financial budget.
Especially if it is not so big.
Shoes getting too small in a fortnight, a brand new tee shirt damaged and impossible to wear anymore.
Trousers that get too short even before being able to wash them.
Schools and school books that get more and more expensive.
To all this you have to sum the cost of the cell phone, the discothèque, the travels, the new CD, the computer, the video games, the weekly pizza with friends and so on.
It is of the maximum importance to classify, prioritize, cut and analyze all expenses and find a way to make children responsible of what they spend.
Let them choose what is really important and what comes second.
Give them a Visa Buxx they can use and you can still check.
To see where your money goes and to put a limit to spending.
You fix the amount and when it is spent, well, sorry, you have to wait for a new recharge.
Which may be, will be bigger or smaller depending on the responsibility shown...

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