Monday, June 04, 2007

As sparkling as only a diamond can be

What would make a beautiful face more beautiful, or give a special touch to a pretty face?
Of course two diamond earrings.
You do not need elaborate frames or shapes, diamonds are so stunning, they do not need anything to enhance their beauty.
The shape I love best is the classic , round and pure white.
Like the ones you can find as a special offer, at a special price $ 2245 at penndiamondexchange which is well known for the fabulous price on any kind of diamonds.
This are absolutely gorgeous.
They are quite big: 2.05CT, D-F color, SI3/I1 clarity, ideal cut, totally natural, very bright.
They can be mounted in 14K white or yellow gold, friction or screwbacks.
I personally find the white gold more becoming to the sparkling of diamonds and enhancing their brightness (even though they do not need it).
And if you still have some money left, I think you could match them with a beautiful 2.43ct Round Diamond Eternity Band which comes at the special price of $1850.
What I like of both is the fact that they do not follow any fashion, they are beautiful now and will still look beautiful in 30 years or more.
The only thing that changes with the time is their price and their value.
If you buy a designer's dress today, you pay almost the same, but next year it will be outdated, while the money spent in diamonds is a good investment.
You have something that looks nice, that makes you looking beautiful and not only will keep its value, it will upgrade it.
I am sure if you know the value and the price of diamonds now you will know where to buy them.

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