Monday, June 04, 2007

Big Brother in the SKY

When Summer comes I love to eat on my terrace.
It is in the back of the house and faces my garden.
I have a very old house and very old trees in it.
The kind birds like, so my garden is full of birds of every kind, big and small.
And I like to do bird watching sitting on a comfortable chair eating my meals or drinking my coffees and teas.
Some people like to watch TV, I enjoy watching Nature.
All this to explain how much I welcome the birth of a new electronic gadget.
This will be the mix between nature and cool gadgets for me.
It is easy to use, also for a dummy electronic user as me, and in the same time gives you the right approach to the sky.
In the night birds usually sleep, but the Sky is full of stars and the big brother of nature goes on for me.
And it works almost like a TV. A real Reality show.
You can even change channels.
One of the menu choices is the Skymap option, and along with it you can choose “Tonight’s Best Tour.” “Tonight’s Best Tour” and it will take you to the most interesting objects in the sky for your time, date, and location.
MySKY is the easy way to know more of the world around us, is an interesting and exciting new way of entertainment, made for people who want to see, not just look at.
MySky is not a tool for an astronomer or a curious student. It is a wonderful gadget for people like me, a new entertainment.
It could be a wonderful gift, you would be always remembered for.
It is even quite cheap, as almost all you can find at


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