Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eating unhealtily

Food is food, not a formula of a certain number of calories plus a certain set of chemicals that we define as "nutrients" or "vitamins".
Food is one of the real few joy of life, why spoiling it?
Many people are so well trained that when they see a dish of spaghetti they do not even see the parmisan slowly melting, the bright red of tomatoes smiling in between the spaghetti, a wonderful and alluring smell coming from it, they just see "XXXXcalories" that means "rejected".
Those are the people who say "I eat nothing and get fat".
They forget that a healthy meal is not in the quality, but in the quantity.
Quantity that has to be compared to the amount of physical work or movements you do in a day.
So, listen to me.
I begin with a healthy and good breakfast, so that I have all the energy for an active day, when I eat whenever I feel hungry (and not whenever I see other people eating).
And I also eat unhealthy.
I eat ice creams, I eat cream and fat and things that some people wouldn't.
But I feel in peace with my stomach, my mouth and more than anything with my brain.
He doesn't feel deprived, on the contrary, he doesn't push me to overeat, because he knows that the stomach will be allowed to be filled whenever he feels empty.
My secret: I do not give much importance to food, there are many much better and fulfilling things in life...
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