Sunday, June 10, 2007

I like to travel light and cheap

What do you feel when you find it out that you are overpaying for your hotel room?
I feel very angry, because it would have actually been easier to book on Cheap Hotels and also cheaper!
I have planed a trip to Rostock next week.
We had to book earlier to get better rates on the plane fare.
But today I found out that what we save on the plane (quite cheap with a low cost airline) we will spend in the hotel!
We booked in exactly the same place, but we are paying 18 Euro more per night than what we would have paid if we had just gone on the Hotel Reservations website!!!!
And that is mostly Google's fault.
This search engine is getting puts the less convenient websites on the first pages, so that when you choose you certainly choose if not the most expensive, at least the less convenient.
And their website is great.
You just write the place you want to go, the date, the number of rooms and the people per room, click, and in few seconds (even if you have a slow connection as I have) you get all the best offers!
So, if by any chance you read this post, bookmark that link and pay a visit to their website. It costs nothing, not even time, and you have the chance to grab a good bargain.
Said by somebody who usually travels light and cheap. (too bad not this time)
And they do not only have hotels, they also offer Bed and Breakfast (which I prefer, because they usually offer the same at a better price)or Condo Rentals (if you plan a longer stay)and you get a discount for membership, or huge discounts for groups (in case you like to travel light but in good company).
And if you do not find what you're looking for, you find a toll free number to call.
The last thing I found out: they offer also cruises at good prices!

This is a sponsored post, please read disclosure policy.
(But what I wrote, it is TRUE)
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