Monday, June 11, 2007

Bloggers or journalists?

Journalists and bloggers are occupying the same places in people's minds and are covering the same need: information. Major events like the New Orleans disaster or the Tsunami were better covered by bloggers. Bloggers are becoming journalists and journalists are becoming bloggers. This media battle is not among people, but
among the concept of mainstream media and social media. Trust will be a strong indicator as who will win the battle.
Links are an indicator of trust to look out for to see who will reign in the future. As Jeff Jarvis said, "trust is king in the kingdom of conversation".
To counter-attack traditional media is changing the way they communicate. Large press organisations have already started to adapt themselves. Le Monde in France provides blogs to journalists.
The blog world is welcoming in the traditional media organising training courses to for journalists to blog.

Loic Le Meur
Executive VP & Managing Director of Europe, Six Apart
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