Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Pornography has been forbidden on TV. The voyeurs can only see it encrypted. The Communications Authority has forbidden 24 hours on 24 “pornographic images that involve the description, the illustration or the visual and/or verbal representation of erotic subjects and of acts or activities that relate to the sexual sphere that are offensive to modesty”.
The intention is to defend the sense of modesty. That’s a good thing. But why start from sex? Basically Eros is natural and gives a certain satisfaction.
Agcom should extend its prohibition to subjects that are more harmful. To the great immodest people. To the convict politicians who are honoured guests on Anno Zero like Gianni De Michelis. Think of the child whose father has a fixed income, workman, office worker, at 1,200 Euro a month, watching that programme.
What will they think? What will they grow up to be? Will they straight away join the Socialist party to get their impunity?
The convicts remain in Parliament, in their prison of gold and silver. A TV appearance can destroy years of civic education for our children. If they want to show off, they’ll be doing it on a talk show that can only be seen directly in prisons.
Apart from the convicts our children can enjoy series of murders on the TV News in the early and the late parts of the evening. The description of bloody events is always accurate. For the assassins who are just starting out it’s a source of continual inspiration.
Human beings smothered, shot at, burned alive, knifed, tortured to death, hit repeatedly, buried alive. Often during dinner time, between a slice of pineapple and the ice cream. Then there’s the drink after the meal and the comment. Violence is worse than sex. Let’s encrypt it together with Andreotti.

Posted by Beppe Grillo
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