Monday, June 25, 2007

What is technology?

Truthfully, I see where she goes with it. Technology has allowed us to do more with less, to make great leaps forward with little or no regard as to whether or not we’re emotionally ready for it as a species. Technology has made it easier to kill, hurt, maim, or just plain not care than ever previously possible.

However I’m one of the hard-core believers. I truly believe that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. If we survive this explosive growth in technology, I believe that technology will eventaully save us, maybe even from ourselves.

Since the dawn of humanity man has asked himself "how can I do this better, in an easier way?"
The answers were the wheels, the fire, the steam, the telephone...and also yes, the gun powder...
Technology is what man lives for, that strange thing he feels inside that makes him doing not only for surviving better, but because he HAS TO.
What is life without knowledge, without knowing that yes, you did something, that your day was not just living, but used, that your time and your work and your brain did a little bit to make this world a little better (or a little worse sometimes)but that you ACTUALLY DID something.
The fun of life is in DOING, not in HAVING as most people think.
Lucky the ones who understand that real happiness doesn't come if you do not look for it.
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