Sunday, June 03, 2007

For the nostalgic of the Sixties

If you are one like me, a baby boomer, who lived her youth in the seventies, who was a fanatic feminist, who belonged to the ones burning their bras, who adored Twiggy and no breasted women, I guess you still cannot get used to the big breast spurting out of an outrageous décolleté, or no décolleté at all.
You, like me , prefer the elegance of Audrey Hepburn to the vulgarity of many starlets with lips like Africans and breast like old fashioned South Italy women.
I am one of those who loves classic dresses, with smart accessories and almost no make up.
In a few words, I think that "class is not water" and breast must be the right size.
So, if you have my tastes and a breast like Marilyn Monroe, may be you are looking for a place where they do exactly the opposite of what women do now:
Beverly Hills breast reduction, where they can give you that touch of class that only a well proportioned breast can give to a woman.
And if you look for a place with standards to your breast surgery, you can stop here:
Los Angeles breast reduction
But beware, the "size only" method often leaves the breasts smaller, but still lacking the pleasing shape you are looking for.
Proportion is what I am talking about.
It doesn't need to be too small, it just needs to be the right size for your body.
In a few words, you want to add that perfection that nature often lacks.
And you will, with the help of a California Plastic Surgeon, because he knows how to bring an individualized approach to your breast's size.
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