Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Greetings from Ruegen


I just came back from one of the places I liked most: the wonderful Island of Ruegen.
I must say that almost all Mecklenburg Vorpommern is just unique.
I was in Sweden some years ago and thought it would look similar, I was wrong: it looks much better.
Especially the coast.
Stralsund is a Gem and also Rostock. and what about the herrings?
And what about the Baltic sea and the Seen Platten?
What about the lakes and the forests?
And especially what about Ruegen?
A wonderful Island where time stops and you can go by foot or with a bicycle, or with Rasender Roland ( the small steam train that reaches 30 km. per hour).
With high chalk cliffs and a sand so fine and so white you would think the Germans (and knowing the Germans I still have some suspicion) just washed it with chlorine.
And trees and white houses so white that the White house is nothing compared to them.
And all those old buildings so beautiful and so well kept, as the gardens and the avenues.
It is a place where you go once and you would not like to go away.
Somebody said: "there are two kinds of people in Ruegen, the one born there and the one who were not born there.
I proudly belong to the first."
Lucky him.

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