Friday, June 17, 2005


API is what you need to make a TAPI and CAPI is nothing else than a more sophisticated TAPI.

API is for the programmer like ornithology is for the bird.
In Greek tecne meant skill.

The ancient Greeks didn't separate art from tecne, but called all artists, scientists, philosophers tecnital (makers).

Today we would define them thinkers.
The scientist is more concerned how the whatever it is will perform, while the artist or the philosopher are more concerned of how the people will feel about it.

The scientist is more a tecnital and the artist more a thinker.
But both work with their brain.
The divorce of art from technology is completely unnatural.
It's gone on so long you have to be an archaeologist to find out where the two separated.
I would declare as art a sublimation of tecne.
Some scientific programs could be declared as a kind of Art, as some artistic outputs could be declared as science.

Leonardo's masterpieces were possible thanks to his genius in making the colours.
A painting can become "alive" if the colours are LIVING colours.

Good music needs good instruments.
Art and Science go together and need each other.

Man is a scientist and an artist at the same time.
The best API is the one that allows an artistic TAPI to be developed.
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