Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What do YOU wish Skype would do?

A lot of things that obviously Skype will never do.

"there's nothing "funny about peace, love and understanding," but I think all three will get here before zero PSTNs sing "Kumbaya."(Russel Shaw)

Everybody would agree on:

1 - Skype should add a SIP gateway as a part of its SkypeOUT/SkypeIN offering. That way, the free VoIP world will be able to make native VoIP calls to Skype customers.

But what would be Skype's earnings?
And wouldn't that lower Skype's revenues?

If you could decide between an open standard system and a proprietary one,what would you choose?

2 - Skype should also add some network infrastructure nodes around the globe, so that your Skype calls don’t have to be routed through people’s PCs. (Thanks for pointing this out, Benjamin!)

Of course, all for free, so that the SIP or H323 would be able to use them (for free of course)

"there's nothing funny in being a Pestalozzi, but one was the first and the last..."
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