Friday, June 03, 2005

No from Paris and Brussels

So let’s invite Turkey to join the US, Canada, and Mexico in NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association). NAFTA is not as embracing an economic and political union as EU but that fact makes it easier, not harder, to add members. We don’t have to coordinate currencies and internal policies; we have neither the benefits or drawbacks of fully open borders. But we do have liberalized trade and limited ability to work in each other’s countries (which ought to be expanded). We have been negotiating to add some Central American countries to the trade agreement for a while.

Tom Evslin

Undoubtely the No had more a meaning of NO to Turkey than to something else.
Undoubtely Turkey has done a lot to be able to be part of the EU and undoubtely the EU owe that to Turkey.
But they are still Muslim, and the problem is not the majority of Muslims, because they are people like you and me who want from life the best, which is a job and a honest way to make a living for them and for their family.
The problem which haunts the Eurpopean people who said no is the minority of Fanatic Muslims that think their religion is the only one on Earth (and our fanatics in that are the same) and are willing to do everything, including to loose their life to achieve their goals.
And it is their goals the most scaring part.
And YOU are willing to INVITE them into NAFTA, but I am 1000% sure you would never invite them to be US citizens.
So, please, down the mask, yes you "we do have liberalized trade and limited ability to work in each other’s countries (which ought to be expanded)." but you are far away even of "thinking" to make any of them as members of your Union.
And with this I am far from criticizing, every nation has the right to behave the way they want, but please, do not want to look more magnanimous than what you are.
US is made from a collection of immigrants, immigrants were welcome as long as they needed them to build a new country.
They are not so welcome right now, escecially Muslims, so, please refrain from critizicing the others.
I am Italian, I think I would have voted NO, but my reasons are not regarding Turkey.
I myself, believe that everybody must have a chance to live on this globe honestly and peacefully and if that means we ALL have a smaller share of the richness of this globe, I willingly agree.
I do not believe a good life means a big bank account, but to be able to wake up in a world where most of the people live in peace.
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