Friday, June 10, 2005

H323 versus SIP

I like to read Martin Geddes' Blog, because I get daily new ideas for my Blog.
I just need to comment:

All over the World the graves are full of bones of the people who wanted to build an Empire, Latins included.
The big problem is not BUILDING it, but KEEPING it.
You can win a War and still not being able to rule a country (and the Americans should know a lot about it).

Skype's quality is good, but you never tried the latest H323 phones.
And they have a lot of advantages.

1) Open source

2) Priorization of the voice packets

3) QoS integrated

4) Security issue with encryption via VPN

5) Stunning quality of voice that doesn't dip to low level cell phones

And I want to be objective.
Skype is great because it is free, because everybody knows it and many use it.

But what I mostly dislike is:

1) Lack of privacy that will surely lead to "spit" and I wonder nobody has thought of it yet.

2) Lack of security. Something that passes through all firewalls makes the firewalls useless.

3) Proprietary nature. I hate the actual monopolies and I AM NOT WILLING to build the next one.

"Dadaist Francis Picabia observed that our heads are round to allow thoughts to change direction.
But the same happens to fashions and technology.
That is why everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. "

And since I like to be provocative, I cannot resist to suggest him to rename HIS Blog:

Skypepocalypse it would suit better the subjects he is daily talking about...
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