Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I so much like this word.

"I am going to have a conversation in the Blogosphere", well, if somebody doesn't know the real meaning (and many do not) it is really impressive.

Finished are the days in which you had "discussions" in the kitchen, "conversations" in the living room and "arguments" usually in the bedroom.

Now, for talking or discussing you go into the "blogosphere".

You do not have any more "arguments" because they are very unpolite and do not fit in a virtual world.
In the real world, you can raise your voice, it is true in the "blogosphere" you can write in Capital Letters, but how can you calculate the strength?

How can you win the other?
OK, you could use font number 270, but then you risk, if you find an old style screen configuration, let's say 800X600, to finish out of it, or that the other should scroll, and if he doesn't?

The real world is more immediate, lets you use more expressions and, in the case of an Italian "how can you use your hands to talk?"

Yes, we will have to wait for the "Video Blogosphere".
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