Saturday, June 18, 2005


My husband hates seeing me idle.
Also because when I have nothing to do I tend to "torment" him with questions, new ideas, new projects, and he is ALWAYS busy.

So, he likes to give me tasks to do.
The last one was:
"If you have nothing better to do, you could begin to "think" to a nice suit for a nice softphone".

Well, this is a real challenge.

Do I have to design a softphone for an Italian or for a German?

Because there is a main difference: the Italian is happy if it looks nice, the German wants also that it works.
Not only nice, but useful.
And here "casca l'asino" as we say.
Which is "The donkey falls down" which I am sure doesn't sound as nice and clear as in Italian.
But every translation is always a challenge.

Going back to my softphone.
The problem is that I do not like the look of any of the existing ones, because in this case it would be very easy: I would just copy it...
So, this time I really have to begin from scratch, without even having a good idea.
I could do something "Leonardo" style, with small "putti" angels which could press the numbers with their wings, but beside being complicated, I do not think it would look nice and I am SURE not so useful, so let's think of something plainer...

What about a Botero style, very rounded phone like?
I wish I could be that good, but I am not, so let's think of something else.
The problem is I have plain and normal tastes, but how can you be original if you are so plain?
Dali' would make a distorted phone, may be with numbers that bleed.
Not bad for an Italian, but how can you easily press the numbers, if the buttons are distorted?
That wouldn't fit I am sure with a program, and especially with a program made by a German...

I said that a programmer can be an artist, but now I begin to doubt it.
It is always easy to pontificate, but when it comes the moment to do, you begin to see the difference.

Well, if you do not have other resources, you can always play with colours.
What about those nice pinks and greens and blues?
Now that I think I once bought a phone for Alberto.
It was from Benetton, who is somebody who is an expert about colours(remember, UNITED COLOURS OF BENETTON?).
He wasn't an expert about telephones.
Infact, it didn't work so well, but it was really a nice looking phone...

OK, I will try to copy the Benetton's phone and integrate German virtual mechanics in it, may be I can make something NICE (and useful too)...
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