Monday, June 20, 2005

Why to make it simple when it can be complicated, why to make it cheap if you can make it expensive?

DittyBot is a script for OS X that uses a clever combination of mobile email and VoIP to stream music from your iTunes collection to your cellphone.

Using your phone, email the title/artist info for a song in your iTunes library to DittyBot, which is running on your Mac, pulling down mail every minute. DittyBot receives the request, calls you with Skype, and plays the song back to you over voice-over-IP using iTunes.

You send a text message from your mobile phone to your POP email account. Your text message should contain the keywords of a song title (and possibly an artist name) that you want to hear. DittyBot finds that email (he checks Mail every 45 seconds) and copies the song name into a text file. The song name is then copied into iTunes and a playlist is created from your search. Next, DittyBot loads Skype (the internet telephony app) and begins calling your mobile phone. Your mobile phone rings and when you pick it up, you should hear your song start playing in all its compressed glory. DittyBot will play your selection to you over your phone until you hang up. Mind you, this all should happen within 1 minute of sending your song request (depending on the speed of your POP server). Sometimes it's even quicker!

Once you had a tape player and you put your favourite songs in it and you listened to your music.
Later you had a CD player which was much better.
You put a CD and you listened to your favourite music.
But then they invented those small MP3 players with thousands of songs.
They worked in the same way, you usually always listened to the same music, but YOU HAD a bigger choice


And you also didn't have to pay your mobile phone provider AND your Mobile Internet Provider


But now everything is going to change.

It is very "IN" music on demand...
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