Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blogging: Whenever, wherever, however you like it.

"Blogging is a form of on-line personal publishing that allows individuals and companies to articulate and 'broadcast' their message into the cyberspace."

It is in my opinion the form that best reflects the society of the Internet Era.

The Internet made possible the impossible, allowed the single,little, small nobody human being to express his thoughts, to show his qualities, to display his performances and made them known to a public he wouldn't have reached before.

Before the Internet Era you could write and express yourself on a piece of paper just if you were a journalist, if you belonged to this or that, in a few words, if you were lucky to be allowed to.

The same was for all other "performing arts".

We are just in the beginning, but I foresee a future where a one man enterprise with little means will be able to play an orchestra, to direct a successful movie, to fund a telecom and so on.

"The economy of means is founded on the richness of technology"

Blogging is doing what a journalist does, but whenever, wherever, however you like it.
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