Monday, June 20, 2005

Coming back to my softphone

I think I had the good idea.

Well, lately it looks like my mind is more and more like Fiat.
Instead of cars I produce ideas, but they have in common with the "Puntos" the fact that they are mostly unsold, it is because the demand is lower, or may be because I produce the wrong type of ideas...

Well, good marketing is enquiring what people want, the need is the mother of a successful product, so I thought:

"What would the average consumer want?"

"Yes, first he wants something like Skype, but I mean, when he is beginning to be fed up with Skype..."

"And when he is not yet fed up?"

That is exactly where the good marketing comes in.
You have to "convince him" that he is Fed UP.
The rest comes by itself.

So, how to do it?

You could do a massive campaign, but it is not sure it always works.
Or you could begin gossiping, but that would be too low level.
The best solution looks to me to propose "something different, something the consumer would like better".
And since there are "many consumers", why not proposing "many softphones", almost one for every taste?
It costs less than what one could think and it WOULD BE successful.

What are the most requested items from a consumer?

1) Sex. I think Botero would fit.
He has an ironic view of sex and his women would fit to a softphone.
You have one of those fat, lazy girls and the buttons on their body.
It would be kind of funny and "different".

2) Cell phones.
A picture or drawing of a small, cute, cell phone would make a nice coloured softphone.

3) Nostalgic I have an idea of an old style softphone, metallic looking, with those old style "Telecom's" buttons.
It is like using one of those old street coin phones.
May be while dialling you could also put in the background the noise of the coins dropping. I have to check with the "programmer" if that is possible.

May be I will do a VoIP call...
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