Saturday, June 18, 2005

"Middle Range" friends

"I know why you are so pessimistic, mum"

Says my son Alberto


"Because you do not have a portable phone.

"What would I need a portable phone for?"

"You could call your "Middle range" friends"

" I have "Short Range" friends that I can call with my voice, I have "Long Range friends" that I can call with a Softphone and VoIP (which is very "in"), what do I need "Middle Range" friends for?

"For example, you could know the weather in Milano."

"If I live in Carmagnola, and it is sunny, what do I care if in Milano rains?"

"You could become optimistic and think, how lucky we are in Carmagnola!"

"But if it is the opposite?"

"Then you call Sanfre's "Middle Range" friends and they confirm it is raining there too, and you feel immediately happy, because your zucchini will get enough to drink and will enjoy it and will get bigger."

You cannot really discuss with an Optimist.
What a bore his life must be, never being able to complain about something.

A propos of complaining, "Middle Range" friends wouldn't be such a bad idea.
I could complain with the "Short Range", the "Long Range" and also the "Middle Range" friends!
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